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SUNBLOCK CREAM – Apply 10 minutes before sun exposure. Apply as needed.

What Does the SPF Number Mean?

The SPF number tells you how long the sun's UV radiation would take to redden your skin when using the product exactly as directed versus the amount of time without any sunscreen. So ideally, apply sunscreen generously. But less sun exposure to UV rays is advisable.

Sunscreen SPF 70

It Protects, hydrates & delivers broad spectrum UVA and UVB sun protection while also moisturizing your skin.


Active Ingredients:  Octisalate (5%)Octocrylene (10%)Oxybenzone (6%) Homosalate (10%)Octisalate Avobenzone (3%)


Inactive Ingredients: WaterSilicaCetyl DimethiconeStyrene/​Acrylates CopolymerC12-15 Alkyl BenzoateEthylhexylglycerinSteareth-100PhenoxyethanolPentylene GlycolCaprylyl GlycolSteareth-2CyclopentasiloxanePolyester-7ChlorphenesinDisodium, EDTABisabololAcrylates/​Dimethicone CopolymerFragranceButylene GlycolDiethylhexyl 2,6-NaphthalateBHTMannanXanthan GumPolymethyl MethacrylateCamellia Oleifera Leaf ExtractTocopheryl AcetatePortulaca Oleracea ExtractAscorbic AcidPantothenic AcidRetinyl Palmitate

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